Who We Are

Something About Us

VIDEO SHAPING was born in 2012 as a service company, specialized in the production of movies, commercials and promotional videos for TV and web, presentations and consulting services, training courses for videomakers and team building sessions in movie environment.

VIDEO SHAPING caters to small and medium enterprises, institutions, associations and private.



Valerio Cibrario

The Manager

Valerio Cibrario, a professional consultant in engineering automotive business, developed over the years his passion for the world of images up to turn it into a real job. Since 1995 he has made several movies which characterize all his filmmaker production. In 2004 he held the first basic training course for videomaker, now widely articulated with basic and advanced courses, video editing and team building sessions for managers in movie environment.

“Communicate through images with little text and lots of images” is the rule of the web. Thanks to recent technological developments, the web is more and more evolving from "Static" images (photographs) to "dynamic" images (movies). To meet this need, especially for small and medium enterprises which could not afford large-scale production for budget reasons, VIDEO SHAPING provides full services of design and production of promotional and/or institutional videos.

The implementation of video or short movie require considerable teamwork, coordination, respect for rules and roles. These features can be exploited very effectively in training projects for companies (medium-large) and/or consultancy management training. VIDEO SHAPING is an active partner in implementing these unique team building and leadership training sessions in movie environment.

The technological development and the consequent lowering of prices has made extremely accessible the usage of video and photo editing tools. Today everyone has a smartphone or a photo camera to record the different times of their lives. The difficulty is in being able to see again their images or photographs "with satisfaction and pleasure". To meet this need VIDEO SHAPING provides editing services, from direct recording of the video or shooting of the photos, either from images, photographs and multimedia contributions provided by the customer, till the creation of the final product on DVD or Blue-Ray, complete of authoring (video menu).

VIDEO SHAPING also offers a series of training courses for moviemaker, on a basic level, for those who have no knowledge of the world of movie, or advanced level, for those who already have some knowledge but want to grow and improve.