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The technological development and the consequent lowering of prices has made extremely accessible the usage of video and photo editing tools. Today everyone has a smartphone or a photo camera to record the different times of their lives. The difficulty is in being able to see again their images or photographs "with satisfaction and pleasure".

The course is a comprehensive training, which allow to moviemakers, even beginners, to acquire step by step all the basics to make a nice movie.
The training covers in fact all the key parts in making movies, starting first of all by the film language, because each movie must always convey to a message and it has to be expressed correctly, then goes into the details of the main shooting techniques, as the composition of a text entails the knowledge of the correct syntax to be used for his writing, passing through the knowledge of their own instruments, to obtain the best quality images, then moves to thevideo-editing carried out by usage of a non-linear program, and finally arrives to the distribution of the work, in any format or platform, from the classic DVD, to the advanced Blue Ray, till the distribution in the web.
For those who already have a good knowledge, but want to grow, it is possible to follow the advances training course to learn the real tricks of the editing-video, such as the usage of special effects, color correction, audio filtering techniques, use of metadata and other advanced post-production techniques

The course is open to all, at all levels. The course is strongly recommended for all filmmakers, also inexperienced, bacause the realization of a quality movie necessarily involves the basic principles film knowledge.

1. Introduction to Film Language: from Classic to Post-modern Cinema :
- the Classic film language
- the Post-modern film language

2. Shooting techniques: main shooting techniques with application to a practical case:
- Shooting techniques
- Use of the camera

3. Knowing the instruments: from camera to computer

4. Basice Editing: Premiere Elements:
- Interface and manage of the multimedia contributions
- Basic editing and Transitions
- Video effects and Titles
- Editing audio, rendering and DVD

5. Authoring & Distribution: the codec and distributions of movie from DVD to internet (YouTube / vimeo):
- Main audio/video codec
- the High Definition (HD)
- Introduction to the costruction of DVD/BluRay menu

6. Advanced Editing: Adobe Premiere
- Introduction to metadata
- Advanced editing
- Post-production techniques
- Audio mix and integration with other tools


The training courses (pdf format):