Video Shaping, shape the images
to communicate effectively with creativity

VIDEO SHAPING was born in 2012 as a service company, specialized in the production of movies,
commercials and promotional videos for TV and web, presentations and consulting services,
training courses for videomakers and team building sessions in movie environment.

VIDEO SHAPING caters to small and medium enterprises, institutions, associations and private.

Spot & Promotional video

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Event recording, production of commercials and music videos for artists and professionals.

VIDEO SHAPING offers modular solutions tailor-made for the customer:
>> Commercials, very short and extremely effective in content and message in order to capture the attention and stimulate curiosity and interest of the end user;
>> Promotional videos, to give evidence to specific activities and explain in more detail the contents;
>> Video clip, with a greater artistic film content.> go to section

Video editing services

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Editing, sound and title of images and movies made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable by the customer, with implementation of the final media to DVD or BluRay, complete with menus.> go to section

Presentations and Consulting services

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Study and development of presentations, CV Video, book trailers, short subjects and logos 2D. Services of photo editing and video dump from different sources.> go to section

Training Courses and Team Building Sessions

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Training Courses

Classroom or private, even at home, aimed at all those who want to explore the world of images in all its forms, from the basics to advanced, starting with the film language, to learn and deeply understand the techniques of shooting and video-editing.

Team Building Sessions

Aimed at managers who want to use the experience of the cinema-set to innovate through the film art.
To make team building during the realization of an artistic project.> go to section

Technical Assistance

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In case of additional software or hardware assistance on video-editing, by mean of video tutorials or directly at home.> go to section