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Team Building sessions in movie environment


Team Building or teamwork has become the organizational priority rule to meet the new challenges of an increasingly competitive and dynamic market. Teamwork is the best answer because it is able to achieve synergies between people, integrating their skills and get a result that is not simply the sum of the results obtained by the individual, but much more. With teamwork people feel more integrated, wotk climate improves business and people get motivation, helping to significantly reduce time and costs.
However, in order that a group of people becomes a winning team is necessary that the members experience a sense of interdependence and cohesion, become aware of each other's professional diversity and the need of others to achieve goals which by themselves are not able to reach.

- Transform a group of employees in a high performance team;
- Be aware of the dynamics of the team;
- Motivating people to direct them to a target group and not as a function of individual goals;
- Think in terms of the outcome of the group;
- Understand the potential of each employee;
- Maintain the efficiency of the team, even in situations of crisis.

Why to participate
The production of a film is equivalent to the company project management: it is in fact a process involving very different roles, economic and human resources, which requires planning and rigorous management of the times, having as unique target the creation of a final product, the movie. It requires a series of intermediate articulated steps, made even more difficult by any unexpected path, which always occur.
The production of a short movie covers all production stages of a film. It represents an opportunity to work together and work in a team where the contribution of all, from the director, to actors, to technicians, has only one objective: the success of the movie.
So why to join? To meet the constant need for innovation with the logic of the world making, betting on own skills. Because World Making is the new skill required to managers to deliver situations and processes that "incites" creativity and innovation into the company, to conceive new business models, new solutions, new opportunities to grow into the market. To experiment unusual combinations of skills through creative improvisation of new configurations, able to grab or create new opportunities of business. Because even with fun during the production of a short movie it is possible to become aware of the creative work in teams with effective management of the unexpected, so that it can then be applied professionally into the single specific managerial reality.

- Active Learning: actively engage people during the training;
- Blended Learning: tie the learning experience to sensory aspects;
- Cooperative Learning (DOandSTAY together);
- The 4 qualities of excellence: leadership, communication, creativity, team building;
- The management of the unexpected through the application of "resilience in action".

- Area Managers and Function Directors;
- Team Leader;
- Managers of Business Units;
- Managers of Functional Divisions
- Project Manager.